Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 16, 2015

Cambios!!! ahah well the Lord called Elder Martinez to another place. So i have a new compaion now his name is Elder Herdandez from Mexico City Mexico.  Ive literally only been with him for like an hour now so i really dont know much about him.  

Well i would be liying if i said i wasnt a little nervous cause right now im the only one that knows like sector and all the people that we teach and im kinda scared ill forget where people live and stuff but i think im fine ill figure it out.  It was kinda hard to see Martinez go i dont even know what Ecuador is without him so i feel like im going to a new Country.  

Plus it was way hard for the ward to let him go too cause he has been here for so long.  There was a ton a tears when we were stoping by houses to say good bye and stuff.  Im actually pretty scared that some of the people wont want for us to visit cause they were so atached to martinez but i hope they can love the Gospel and not the missionary.  Well not much else happened last week.  One of our Investigadors is going to be babtised the 28 of november.  I know for sure he will be babtised because he set his own day and also we taught him about fasting and asked him to fast but we taught him to fast for a purpose and we asked him what question he really wants to know to ask God and he was like i want to know if the 28th is the right day.  We we were like heck ya bro then i promised that if he fasts with real intent he will recieve an answer and i promised him in the name of Jesus Christ so pretty much i know hes gunna get the right answer.   Well that is pretty much all for this week 


Elder Blackhurst

Elder Martinez (Caleb's Trainer)

Caleb took Elder Martinez around the ward to say goodbye

Carmen Murillo and her three boys with Elder Martinez (AWESOME lady)

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