Monday, November 30, 2015

November 23, 2015

I got a new Comanion this week we is Elder Hernandez de Mexico city!

he is pretty chill i like him its a big change cause Elder martinez always was just so jumpy and sometimes was a spaz like he would get up at 430 am and practice typing and a keyboard while i was tring to sleep haha but i miss him alot actually when we said the last prayer like a companionship we both ended pretty much in tears but its all good he was a good guy.  Ya so its a big change now cause Elder Hernandez is alot more calm and stuff like the first morning with Hernandez i accitently slept till 635 cause i usually didnt need an alarm with martinez cause i was up with him at 430 so i woke up and looked at Hernandez and then the clock and i was like Shoot Get boy he got to get to work!!! haha but i have an alarm now.

I thought this week was going to be bad cause im basically the senior comanion because he doesn't know the Sector so i just felt like i was doing everything and Elder hernandez has this face thing when he has paralisis and the right side of his mouth so it is difficult to understand him not just for me but for other people too so a few lessons i was litterally saying everything but its fine  cause president said that it will heel with time and he will be back up and running.  and its just more practice for me

The great news is we have a babtism this week his name is Jipson and his this big black guy that really has a testimony of the power of repentence and truely wants to take advanage of this power in his life so im super pumped for him.  Actually so pumped that while he was in his babtism interview i literally have never been so nervous in my entire life for anything.  i had to wait outside while he was in there and i was just praying to God that he is all good to be babtised and he was so ya hes getting babtised this Saturday and reiciving the gift of the holy ghost on sunday which is actually his birthday too so he getting a pretty dang good bday present from God!!

Well that was pretty much the most exciting part of this week and a super good testimony builder to see some one like him want so badly to be for given of what he has done and wants a clean slate that really only knows the basics of this church he is just going to take a leep of faith and trust Gods got him.  Well i can testify that he does and with the gift of the holy ghost he will always have him.

Elder Blackhurst
Extra parts to our conversation that day:
Its so wierd what i think is luxurious now.  Like to day i went grocery shoping and i bought ice cream and i was like yes!!! im so happy now all i have to do is not buy water for the rest of the week its fine its a good sacrifice lol
(Talking about why his companion's temporary paralysis)
I talked to president and he said its cause the viens broke in the back of his neck and so he cant move any muscle on his cheek so he is just waiting to have the viens grow back.  he said he just woke up on morning in a ton of pain
(Cammie asked if his new comp Elder Hernandez speaks any English)
no he doesnt no one does haha actually somtimes you just hello mister how are you 12345 good aftrnoon
(A reply to Rob's letter regarding a conference talk)
Wow thats really cool i think i forgot about that talk.  it reminded me of something i read this morning in Jesus the Christ. also by the way you should read cause it is really cool and chuck full of doctrina.  so first of all alot of people think that Heavenly father can litterally see the future i dont think that is true cause i was reading the part that talkes about why we nee a savior and i read the heavenly father is just so ridiculously smart that he can see you and what you are doing and your mind set of it and he makes a pertiction of either torment and pain and regreat and all things bad or he makes one of many many many blessings and pure clean happiness that can only be attained thru Jesus Christ! And then he motivates us to make changes or to keep on the path and that is pretty much how it works.
But he has given us such a big gift in fact the gift of all gifts and that is agency so we have choose what we are going to do this gift actually limits the power of God because now he cant just control us to return in his presence. Which sometimes i think would be better sometimes cause we would be gaurenteed to return but we also would never ever feel happiness and the good things in like would just be nothing.  And that was the plan of Satanas.  Satanas was an extreamly important charictar in the preexistance and pretty dang smart you can tell that he put a ton of thought into this plan just the only differenc is that he did it selfishly he wanted all the glory and no happiness to anyone else but him he honestly did not care one bit about the Father.  So ya that is part of what if studied this morning and ya you should buy that Jesus the Christ book cause it is really cool
Love Elder Blackhurst

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