Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 9, 2015

This week was actually really funny.  Apperently we have not been paying our water bill for 3 months but i honestly didnt even know we had a water bill i thought the church just took care of it so anyway one night we get home from a tired and sweaty day to find a paper on our door notifing that they have cut our water because we havnt paid the bill and at this point im like i dont want to try and figure out what this stupid paper says all i want to do is take a shower.  so im getting ready and and turn on the water but there wasnt any so i asked martinez hey why wont the shower work he like this paper says they cut our water so i went to be sweaty and really stink for that night and the next until they turned it back on so it was a really funny experience that i probably wont every forget haha.

We have a babtism this saturday will a kind of youger black kid that 19 but he looks like hes like 28 and taller than me which is extremly odd for ecuador haha but ya he has just been eating up what ever we tell him and it is really cool to watch him grow!!  he even takes notes while we are teaching him!!  Well i guess thats because we told him to fill out these questions that we gave him at the end of the lesson!!

Today we had a really fun pday cause it is the last pday for my companion!! he started his mission here in this sector and has been here for like 6 months so we are almost positive that hes leaving this next transfer so we made today really fun for him.  First we went to this really old plantitarium and watched like a constilation show in a big dome theater.  i couldnt understand anything they were saying because it was just a bunch of big sciency spanish words but it was really dope cause martinez loves this kind of stuff!! he studied it before his mission.  We went with our ward mission leader and we left in his little Fiat.  The planitarium is like way out of our mission too it is into the guayquil south mission but president said it was chill.  i think it was just cause martinez is taking off soon so he was being a cool president.  on our way back we stopped at this park were the pigeon and iguanas eat out of your hands it was so sick!!

Must have been a service project with the community.

At the planetarium in Guayaquil
Elder Ashman and Caleb at the planetarium (Elder A is from Spanish Fork and his dad is a dentist too!)

Is it safe to be THIS close to an Iguana!?!  Ugh!


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