Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015

We had ourselves a little halloween this week!!!!

haha no its not a mango actually i like pretty much all the fruit here except mango i dont really like it.  That was a mariquya fruit they have seed in the middle that you eat that are super sour so pretty much it is my favorite fruit here i send a picture of one full a few weeks ago i thing but ya after i ate it i was about to thro it away but then i realized i could turn it in to a jack o lantern so i did and the other elder that is from the us liked it alot to cause they dont do the whole pumpkin thing here or the trick or treating but they do celebrate the day of the dead yesterday and today is another holiday but i forgot what it is called but this one is bigger and everyone is off work and stuff so the mall today was packed!!

This week wasnt that exciting just normal.  one of the assistants went out with us this week to make sure we are doing everything goodand stuff.  and that was probaly the biggest learning experience ive ever had.  we set 5 bautismal dates in like one hour!! it was so cool!!  But just cause we set it doesnt me they will be batised but it does improve our odds to do it!! 

It was really cool the way he did it.  first he just explained babtism and then asked if they want to have the blessing of all of their mistakes taken away and usually they say yes and then we ask if they want to be babtised and prepare for this date and if they come to know that these things are true it was really cool and really spiritual.
also this week we did service for our ward mission leader and we had to chop a tree down with a machety cause thats all he had!! it was realy hard but then we burt all the branched and basically the way they clean yards here is just set a huge fire so that was pretty fun!!!

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